About Village Woolly


Just to let you know – the Village Wool Shop is now closed. Thank you to all customers and friends for your support over the last couple of years!

But the good news is that villagewoolly will continue to report from the world of wool! If you want to hear more about my adventures with yarn, travels with our motorhome (Vanda!), my attempts to sew the perfect pair of trousers/blouse/t-shirt or just keep in touch – this is the place to find me from now on. Thank you for visiting! 


In case you were wondering?…I’m Joanne, a fifty something yarn fan, living in the North of England. I knit a lot, crochet a bit, sew frequently and I love cooking/drawing/photographing – I’ll be posting stuff here and maybe selling stuff too in the future!




7 thoughts on “About Village Woolly

  1. Please can you explain”bonding squares”? If they are what I think you mean I would love to make some! (And some little hats)


    1. Hiya Katherine, thanks for getting in touch – I confess I just posted the link and the page from a visitor post asking me to share it , so I’m not completely sure what ‘bonding squares’ are myself, but I think they are small knitted squares (about 5 inch by 5 inch, garter stitch). I think the best thing to do would be to contact the Facebook page and ask them before you get knitting – the link is in the post. Good luck and happy knitting.


  2. Hi, i come from Helmshore originally and can’t wait to visit you when i come to see my parents! I run a charitable organisation called Blankets for the Homeless, where we turn woolly strips and Squares into Blankets. Are you able to put up a request in your shop please for 6″/12″ Squares or 6ft strips? See you soon
    Jayne x


  3. Hi,
    My mother has recently had to go into residential care, she loved knitting but can no longer knit, I now have a large bag of wool that I don’t know what to do with, I was hoping you might be able to suggest something, I live in Burnley Lancashire
    Thank you


    1. I would take the yarn to the home where your mum now lives – she might not be able to knit but other residents might, and I know that some homes run activity programs for residents that use wool. Good luck. X


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