Baby, it’s cold outside

We’re having our first week of really wintry weather: sadly it’s not the crisp, clear, frosty sort that I love. Instead it’s drear, wet and cold. Nonetheless it’s beginning to look a lot like knitting season: it’s time for woolly hats, snuggly scarfs, mittens and the sort of cozy cardigans that are really just a blankie with sleeves.

The problem is, if you’re a slower knitter like me, you’ll be finishing off all of this lovely stuff just before the daffodils come out. It’s a bit like feeling hungry  – and then putting a casserole on . You’ll get a get something delicious, but it will take time.

I guess us slow-hand crafters should really be making linen sun-tops now, and buying chunky wool and patterns in the middle of August, but that won’t happen will it? There’s something about knitting lovely woolly things by the fire at this time of year that just feels right. Even if that cardigan is ready just in time for the first heatwave of summer.

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