…in the moment

Colouring books seem to be every where at the moment don’t they? And it’s all in pursuit of ‘mindfulness’ apparently. If I’m honest, that sort of thing isn’t really me  – I tried colouring and kept on going over the lines. It just made me cross.

But as I sit and crochet in the shop, or knit the endless rows of stocking stitch for a son’s jumper in front of the TV, I am calm, meditative, relaxed, and crucially, creative too. My fingers know what to do and the easy rhythm of stitch making is very lulling. As a bonus, at the end of all this gentle activity, is a warm pair of socks, a cozy jumper, a blanket or a scarf to wrap my dear ones in. Which makes TV watching much more worthwhile too!

When you first start to knit or crochet, when your fingers are clumsy and your brain is slow to take on the new signals, crafting with yarn can seem anything but relaxing. When I try something new (like lace knitting for example) it seems like I can knit OR talk OR listen to the radio. I certainly can’t engage in conversation while trying to follow all tgrey wrap detailhose yarn overs and SSKPO’s. But I guess I’m ‘in the moment’? And I suppose if you’re doing something that demands all your attention,  you’re not worrying away at all those little demons that can haunt you in the small sleepless hours. Knitting is therapy in that sense, crochet a comfort too.

And there’s another advantage: you knit or crochet with both hands. At this time of year, when drinking a wee bit too much is almost a daily activity, and snacking an obligation, knitting may well be healthy too!

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