variety is the spice of life




I am a knitter, but I learnt to crochet when I was a kid, I’ve dabbled in embroidery and dressmaking, and when I have the time I also like to do a bit of drawing. But I mostly knit and really didn’t consider crochet to be a big part of my repertoire.

But now I’m ‘hooked’ on making pretty little crochet squares for a blanket and I’m beginning to wonder if it’s a wee bit limiting to stick so firmly to just the one woolly pass-time. Someone came in the shop the other day – a lovely lady and a crochet fan. She told me, quite firmly, that she did not ‘do’ knitting as it was too slow. I was a bit put out.

But I had said the same thing not that long ago: I didn’t ‘do’ crochet I insisted: you couldn’t do it in front of the TV, it eats up tons of yarn and well, it was just too finicky. But after spending some time browsing blogs and oohing and aahing over pretty blankets I though, well why not have a go?

It turns out that with crochet you can really go to town on colour and prettiness, because it really lends itself to blankets and cushions. As someone who is rarely out of jeans and has a wardrobe full of funereal black, it’s lovely to mix and match pinks and pastels, and turn the femininity up a notch.

So I guess the message is never say never: variety is the spice of life after all.

Useful Internet links: Attic 24 – lovely colours and nice easy tutorials too.

Coco Rose Diaries  (sadly she is no longer blogging, the pages will remain up I imagine)

Spice of life crochet blanket – I know that many of you are already familiar with this pattern, but it’s lovely, on message and worth a link.


2 thoughts on “variety is the spice of life

  1. I think that was me!! I bought some beautiful sock yarn and for someone who doesn’t do knitting I am merrily knitting my second sock and planning the yarn for my next pair. I suppose leopards do change their spots mmmmmm do they do leopard print yarn 😃


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