I’ve been trying to whittle down the works in progress (WIP) – at one point recently the WIP tally stood at nearly double figures and I was still looking through patterns and furtively fondling yarn… but I’ve made a bit of progress

The eagle eyed amongst you, will have spotted a certain, um, ‘heart-y’ theme to a couple of the projects and indeed I have been putting together a valentine-themed window with a ton of knitted hearts (using this pattern – warning, once you’ve made one, you may feel the urge to make a lot more). And there is, inevitably, more socks.

I’ve also continued to dabble in a little crochet…

So I’ve got a few second socks to finish (ok, four.… who’s counting), a crochet blanket and one or two things that are more or less permanently kicked into the long grass, but really I’ve pretty much finished…

So to treat myself for being so good, I’ve got myself a bag of West Yorkshire Spinners BFL DK and a pattern I’ve been considering since it came out.

I am Joanne and I think I have a yarn problem.

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