Granny square how to - 1 of 13

So obviously from being a “crochet, no thanks” kinda person, I am now totally ‘hooked’ (that never gets old does it?). And to prove it, I have invented a ‘granny square’ (possibly, I mean I haven’t looked through all of them yet, but I haven’t  seen one that looks like mine).

And in another first, here’s my inaugural photo-tutorial: I did the original square  in tasteful shades borrowed from my floral blanket. Sadly, the yarn I choose for the photos are in a rather less than restful shade of raspberry. In my defence, it didn’t look that bright when I took the photos.

Also, while we’re getting our excuses in, I may crochet, but I don’t write patterns (or, it could be argued, understand them), so apologies in advance for goofs and clumsy explanations. The photos should help clarify

  1. Make a magic loop/circle and make 7 double crochets (dc) into it before closing with a slip stitch. (This is a good video to show you how to make a magic loop – there are loads more – choose your favourite method)

Granny square how to - 2 of 13

3. Make 3 chains (ch) and then 1 treble (tr) into the bottom of this chain.

Granny square how to - 3 of 13

3. Into each subsequent dc, make 2 tr and 1 ch through both loops of the stitch. Join last ch to the 3rd ch of the first 3 ch start.

Granny square how to - 4 of 13Granny square how to - 5 of 13

4. Into each space (there should be eight) make 1 half tr (htr), 1 tr, 1 double tr (dtr), 1 tr, and finally 1  htr. Then make a dc into the chain at the top of the tr’s in the previous row. After the last dc, slip stitch to close the circle.

Granny square how to - 6 of 13Granny square how to - 7 of 13


5. Make 6 ch, *then make a dc into the centre dtr of previous round, make 3 ch then make 1 dc into the next dtr of previous round. Then make 3 ch and make a dtr into the next dc between the next 2 petals, then 3 chains* – repeat from * to * to the 6 ch start. ch 1 and do a tr into the 3 ch.

6. Make 3 ch then work 2 tr into the space before the first petal. *4 tr into next space, then 3tr into next space, then 3 ch and 3 tr into space after previous rounds dtr.* Repeat from * to * to end. When you get to the last space, ch 2 and slip stitch to close the square.


I then did a row of double crochet into the top of each treble and 4 stitches into each chain space – just for the sake of neatness really, but it would help to stabilise them if you were making them into a blanket or cushion covers.

Granny square how to - 13 of 13

If this is all as clear as mud – the photos should help: if that doesn’t do the trick – email me at villagewoolly@gmail.com for help. If you’ve got any other thoughts, get in touch – it’s always good to get a bit of feedback!

Btw – if there’s anyone out there smart enough to draw a crochet chart for this, please get in touch.

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