Maybe I’m just a cock eyed optimist* but I definitely think that there’s a hint of spring in the air. The trees in the valley are wreathed in subtle tendrils of fresh green, the sun is producing a teensy bit more warmth than it has (and it’s not hidden behind the million tog duvet of dirty clouds). This weekend past we even sat outside for a while: granted it was on our south-facing, very sheltered deck and I had to wrap up in a cardigan and a shawl. But it was outside AND it was sunny.

However “cast not a clout till May is out”** still holds true – it’s not time to give up knitting yet with a couple of chilly months ahead. And this being the UK there’s a good chance that you’re going to need a cardi or sweater for the foreseeable! But I think we can safely ditch the super-chunky projects and start to choose from pastel shades, even if we don’t go full “beach sarong and bikini” just yet!

I’m loving West Yorkshire Spinners ice-cream colours in their delicious BFL Double knitting, but a classic raglan cardi in Sirdar’s ever reliable Country Style DK would be a great addition to a pretty tunic top or frock – choose a pastel or perhaps opt for white.

But don’t you think that sea, marine and beach colours work really well in Spring and Summer too? Maybe it’s thinking about the seaside and that first dip in the holiday pool? Take a look at these lovelies from the Legacy range by James C Brett.

Here in Village Wool Shop HQ, we’re definitely getting geared up for pastels and spring – particularly the crochet department (what, another blanket?) but now I’m down to a mere 3 WIP***  it’s definitely time to get started on spring projects.


PS – the flower blankie is all done and dusted – and ready for the window….


*Mizzi Gaynor had such a tiny waist…and that colour-y thing in ‘South Pacific’. Nope.

**Some people argue that the “May’ referred to is the May blossom on the hawthorne bushes not the month itself.

*** Okay so it’s more like 4, possibly 5, but certainly single figures.

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