the blanket that started it all….

Crochet confession : I have made two blankets since Christmas and I have plans for (at least) one more, I follow several (ok, a lot) of crochet blogs and occasionally frequently most nights dream of crochet patterns. I am an addict, and frankly I don’t care. After spending many many hours making little squares, I have a few thoughts to share

pinwheel or sunburst?

1. I hate ends: I will sew them in carefully and dutifully, but if there is anything I can do to avoid them, I will. Hence the single coloured throws I have in mind and the amount of time I spend scrutinising blogs and YouTube videos for tricks to avoid them. None of them work, and one of these ‘tricks’ resulted in a square nearly becoming unravelled as I was sewing it to a cushion pad. That is no ‘trick’ or ‘timesaver’ – that, my friends, is a disaster waiting to happen.

2. I am not a great fan the brand of acrylic yarn that features in a well-known blog (or two) and makes a big deal of its range of colours:  I have no arguments with good quality acrylic yarn and I can see its value for bringing crochet projects in at a sensible budget, and I stock some that is (in my humble opinion) a very good, reliable acrylic/wool mix. However I still maintain that if you have the cash, and love a project enough to spend a great deal of time on it, it’s worth investing in wool, a good wool mix or a good quality cotton yarn. The finished product will have the weight, warmth and a heirloom quality that anything made with a cheap but Famous Acrylic doesn’t have. Sorry to its fans but there you are.

The finished FA Spice of Life blanket. The pattern is lovely, the yarn…isn’t

3. Crochet blankets, cushions, coasters, bags – yes yes yes! Crochet clothes? Nope. Every time I look at a photo of a crochet cardigan I see the coral pink dress that my mum made for me when I was little and the various other fashion crimes in the 70’s. Knitting for clothes, crochet for blankies. Sorry Mum.

4. Mix it up: I don’t think I’m ever going to give up knitting in favour of crochet, but equally I recognize that my ‘crochet, no thanks’ stance wasn’t ‘cool’. My hands (which are being bent by arthritis) benefit from mixing a diet of crochet and knitting and, frankly, my (over-stuffed with knitted things) wardrobe is benefiting too.

There just remains one question – what do you do with all those blankets?



2 thoughts on “thoughts…

  1. My friend is also a blanket addict (I’m getting there, but my yarn budget is very small) and she bought a blanket ladder off Etsy. Makes a great display/cat climbing frame.


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