The blankie: making it your own…

So you’ve decided to make a blankie and you’re ready to commit to quite a big project – it’s the fun bit next – making it yours.

rose garden blankie - 3 of 3

I adopted a classic combination of pretty sunshine colours and an easy-going cream background for my blanket: it’s destined for the conservatory which has no particular colour scheme (to say the least) and I thought that in Winter, when the garden was at its most drab, a splash of colour would be welcome.

But if your project is destined for a lounge where the colour palette is restrained, you’ve already nailed your aubergine and pink scheme or you simply don’t ‘do’ colour, you’ll need to pick out yarns that complement where you live. If you’re going to spend quite a lot of time making little flowery squares, it’s essential that you love the finished project and you want to see it draped over your sofa, not bundled away in a cupboard.

I speak from experience: many of you will have seen my sock-yarn blanket.IMG_2368 It’s gorgeous, colourful, heavy, snuggly and luxurious. And when I finished it I draped it over the back of my sofa and stood back. Yuck, I thought, yuckity yuck. The blanket was lovely, but it didn’t fit in with the style of the sofa, or the lounge, or indeed the house. It clashed with more or less everything. I use it of course, but it’s neatly folded in a basket out of sight. Which is a shame….poor blankie.


So make your blanket your own: I’ve made a few extra squares to illustrate the difference you can make with a slightly different range of colours, but your yarn choice is important too. Wool and wool mixes produce a lovely soft blanket, but cotton gives a superb drape and weight (plus the stitch definition is excellent). If you have a lot of odds and ends to use up, you can give your blanket a bit more ‘design’ by choosing a complementary background shade.

And look around for colour inspiration: autumn leaves, greek tiles, favourite pictures, treasured pottery, or even just a stunning blue sky and a pretty spring garden

Of course, a work of love and patience will always be beautiful, but you don’t want to tie off that last end, sew it in, press it out, drape it lovingly over the back of your sofa….. and then give it to the dog.

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