Summer knitting

summertime and the living is easy

I grant you that summer has been a bit reluctant to give us the full ‘barbecue’ yet (and did you see last week’s phenomenal downpour…seriously, where does all that water come from?) but the calendar now says summer (even if the weather hasn’t caught on yet)

Sticky needles and a permanent fug of sweat are not conducive to a good knit, and if you’re knitting something big, woolly and voluminous it’s all going to get a bit steamy (and not in a good way)

Now in the interest of full disclosure, I am clearly going to try and persuade you that you can still buy yarn – I have a shop full of the stuff and bills to pay, but I’m a knitter first and foremost, and for me, there are no seasonal out-of-bounds.

A year or so ago you would have found me sat on a warm balcony in Dubai, sun beating down patiently knitting (yet) another pair of socks. A month or so before I’d completed this jumper by Kate Davies with the air conditioning turned up (& while wearing shorts). I can’t not knit, it’s the only thing standing between me and….. well, let’s just say you wouldn’t like me when I’ve not got a woolly project.

This year I’ve decided to get a wee bit more sensible – the family is ok for socks so I’ve been looking out for projects that a bit more summer friendly, to wear and to knit. Or crochet, because a hook and cotton yarn are much more manageable when it’s a bit sultry outside. I’m currently making this beautiful shawl by Sandra ‘Cherry Heart’ in a silk mix from deep down in my stash, but it would be lovely in any cotton or bamboo 4 ply too. It’s just the right thing for working on while the football/tennis etc chunters on in the background.

Making squares for a blankie would be a good project too (just leave the final construction until the first frost!). Or why not make your own beach bag? There are some lovely patterns around and of course you can really crank up the colour scheme! I gather some people like to make their own bikinis and swimsuits……eeeeeekkkk!




But seriously, if you do fancy knitting something to wear, I’ve got some lovely yarns and a great range of patterns of course, but you’ll have to get cracking before the monsoon season starts again!


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