Work in Progress

FullSizeRender-2If you’ve been in the shop recently you’ll have noticed a few small changes; I’ve got rid of the big counter and moved a couple of bookcases (2 are now enjoying a stay of execution upstairs – the one that fell apart when we moved it? At the dump…in disgrace). I’ve attempted to tidy up some of the folders, and a couple of new Ikea units (what else) are providing some display space and a tiny weeny counter. I’ve suddenly got acres of room in consequence – I could dance around if I wanted too, possibly even do a handstand! I have more plans for the shop in the coming months – a sofa or a chair maybe, possibly a smaller table. Maybe even some painting. I want our little shop to be the best it can possibly be.

And I’m also putting together the bones of lessons (crochet, socks, finishing garments, Tunisian crochet etc). I enjoyed the crochet lessons earlier this year but I realised that I needed to be a good deal more organised – y’know, lesson plans, handouts, etc etc. I’d like to thank my guinea pigs and simultaneously apologise to them for my failings.

I’ve also been thinking about how to organise my crafting a bit better and this, friends, has been much more of a challenge! I’m really good at starting things and really bad at finishing them: I love that bit where you find the pattern and match it to your yarn, getting the colour just right and imagining how it will look. I hate the bit that involves blocking or pressing and sewing it up. So I have a bunch of things on the go – but some have been ‘on the go’ for so long that they’re a bit more ‘off the boil’!

Currently I have two crochet blankets (this one and a pastel, woolly version of this one), socks (because I always have socks), a sweater that I started in April and gave up on after 6 rows of rib, a modular shawl and a summer sweater. I also have another sock yarn blanket, but the last one took me 3 years to complete and this is only into its second summer so I’m not worried yet. I realise that is quite a lot of WIPs (works in progress) and I do feel a bit guilty. I’ve taken to hiding some of them so they don’t stare at me from my work basket and make me feel bad.

Having a shop I also have to get my head around the calendar of window displays and generally I’ve been a wee bit disorganised this year, trying to get a Valentine window done in a week, frantically throwing together a ‘baby’ display and so on.

crochet heart
from the Valentine window!

So, in an effort to get a bit more on top of things here’s my plan: I will have ‘work’ and ‘home’ projects. Work will be garment samples and pattern development, photo-tutorials and window display bits and bobs. ‘Home’ will be things that are destined for me or the house (and are a wee bit self-indulgent). So my crochet blankets, the socks and the six-row sweater are staying home, the summer sweater and the modular shawl are ‘work’. I’m also going to look at the calendar now and try and see it as a series of knitting/crochet ‘windows’ so I can plan a bit.

What’s your WIP status? And how do you organise yourself: spreadsheets or notebooks, mental notes or charts?