Summer colour at Chez Village Woolly

Recently my best beloved and I were off out for a ‘date night’ – I choose a reasonably ok outfit (and left the floor and bed strewn with clothes that didn’t make the cut) and then peered out of the window. Miserable, cool and with a 75% chance of rain (i.e. a typical UK summer night). I decided I needed a jacket.

I ransacked my wardrobe again…. nothing appealed so I opted for an old faithful cardigan, accepted that I was not going to hit the heights of stylishness for the 50th year running. I vowed to get something in the Trafford Centre the following week.

Friends, I spent 5 hours in the TC and bought a basket for garden shoes, a metre of the grooviest fabric you’ll ever see and nowt else. Every shop had either moved into Autumn/Winter mode with lots of lovely warm woolly coats, or they seemed to assume that everyone wanted a short, fitted, pleather biker jacket. I did try on a fake suede version (fuede, pleude?) but I basically ended up looking like a suede-wrapped sausage.

The problem (well one of them) is that I am as follows: my bosom is a reasonably plentiful size 16/38D, my waist is a …mumble mumble (oh, ok, its a size 18…) and my hips are a fairly slim12/14. I’m bit of an apple, in short and clothes are not made for items of fruit. I’m also not quite ready for elasticated waist pants and a sensible sweater, nor am I able to rock anything too ‘young’ anymore. It’s a conundrum.

Obviously I am extremely well supplied with woolly things: from socks to hats, the knitting has got that literally covered, but I am at the mercy of manufacturers for other bits and bobs. Or, well, I was.

I’ve always owned a sewing machine and I recently bought myself an overlocker and I’ve been trying to re-discover the art of dressmaking. As a teenager and student I was a decent sewist and even made myself a lined, fitted, tweed jacket with bound button holes. I wore it to interviews and it was my go-to smart outfit.

But as they say, use it or lose it: my sewing skills are still pretty creaky but with the help of the websites like this, this and this, I can at least begin to see a future where I won’t have to wander the malls of the UK looking for that elusive apple shaped jacket. I may even make some jeans one of these days.

Knitting and crochet update. Still crocheting this –

Spice of life blanket 

with these…


… finishing off two pairs of socks and thinking about a pair in this… or possibly this?

And meanwhile attempting to put a pattern together for this….

pattern pending…

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