Never not knitting


roses‘I don’t have time to knit’

Ah, if only I had a pound for the times I’d heard that phrase – I’d have, oh, at least 38 quid by now.

My current job gives me ample time and access to yarns of course, but I used to knit when I had a ‘proper’ job too. It just didn’t take up quite so much of my time!

I knit in the shop of course, and I knit in the evenings in front of the TV, on holiday (especially in the UK, especially if it’s raining outside…), at the weekends if I can grab an hour that’s not devoted to family or house maintenance. I knit in the car when I’m not on driving duty and on trains so I can watch the scenery speed by. I can knit while reading my kindle (I find paper books a bit trying) and when I couldn’t knit due to airline security, I discovered that it was possible to crochet instead.

I knit because of its creativity of course, but it’s also a protective hobby. I am the sort of person who fiddles: beer mats are never unshredded* when I’m around, pens come apart (springs everywhere), I doodle on napkins and rearrange the cutlery until it’s just so. It’s also handy as a guard against overeating and having more than the odd glass of something: you need two hands to knit or crochet and if one is ‘spare’ you can bet it’s got a glass or a Mars bar in it!

I had my knee ‘done’ a few years ago and it was invaluable in hospital and recovery: reading takes concentration and quiet, two things that are in short supply when you’re on a busy ward and stuffed full of strong painkillers. Subsequent outpatients visits have been less of a trial when I can knit a sock while waiting (and waiting and waiting).

As the Yarn Harlot, a favourite knitting writer, has observed (catch her here and here), knitting can help you keep your sanity and patience and help to make you a better human.

Of course daily life makes demands on your time: you might have a job, the kids need a chauffeur/chef/housekeeper/entertainer, your partner expects you to keep a bit of spare time for them too. But if you are sat in front of the telly for a couple of hours, waiting around in a busy GP surgery for far too long, or stuck in traffic (and not on driving duty) you have time to knit – and honestly, it might make you a better person.

burnley hat
Burnley hat pattern WIP – btw Burnley won! Against Liverpool!!!

* I’ve noticed that many pubs don’t have beer mats any more. I hope it wasn’t because of people like me leaving trails of shredded paper behind them.

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