It’s not Autumn yet but I think there’s a hint of that brief and beautiful season in the air.

  • The first clue is the nights: suddenly it’s dark before you know it in the evenings and my sons are reporting that it’s still basically midnight when they get up to go to work, poor lambs.
  • It’s not cold but the nights are cooler: although as a woman of a certain age I’m basically “4 seasons in one day” at the moment so maybe you shouldn’t take my word for it. I got home yesterday from a hot and humid walk around the Trafford Centre and a sultry drive home to find that my husband had put the central heating on. I nearly cried.
  • There’s a bit of colour in the trees already: a smudge of gold, a hint of scarlet and a whisper of bronze.
  • The BBC is rolling out decent telly and the schools are back. Well, the Great British Bake Off is on anyway.
  • Marks and Spencer/Next/ etc have stopped selling t-shirts and the shops are full of woolly coats in various shades of wan, drear and ‘meh’.
  • Casseroles are almost appealing again.

I love Autumn and its short lived glories, the last hoorah before we lock-down for Winter. The colours, those occasional misty, frosty but beautiful sun-lit mornings, crispy piles of leaves to stride through, Harvest festivals, Halloween and Bonfire night, the wood and leaf smells in the air….

And it’s time to do some proper knitting!

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