img_2311If you’ve been in a large shop since the weekend you might have noticed a certain, um, seasonal sparkliness and proclamations of impending festivities – in a few short months Christmas will be upon us.

Some of you will already be organised. A few people I know go shopping for cards and paper in the January sales, keep a spreadsheet for presents and started buying mid-May. These people are to be applauded of course, but also possibly avoided. No-one likes a smug-bucket after all.

The rest of us will try and ignore the signs for a few more weeks, and then plunge into the shopping mayhem with shoulders braced. Our poor old pockets will be emptied in short order and that credit card? Sliced in January along with the left over ham.

So let’s assume that we cannot ignore Christmas and that spending a ton of money will leave us with buyers-regret come January, what is the alternative? Crafting that’s what! (or winning a shed-load of money on a lottery ticket, but this is a knitting/crochet blog so…)

Suggestions for crocheted and knitted gifts

  • Use up some of that stashed cotton yarn to make wash/face-cloths – it was intended for that chic summer top but realistically we never really had a summer this year and the chances of a mediterranean-style summer next year are slim. A search online will give you plenty of free patterns (try here and here). Parcel them up with nice soap and you have a lovely gift.
  • Hats, scarfs and mittens – chunky yarns make these a work of moments – a free pattern for a hat is available in the shop. Unlike chic summer tops, we can guarantee that the UK will supply hat and mitten friendly weather.
  • Kindle/iPad/phone sleeves – travellers will appreciate something to keep their precious electronic hardware from bumps and scrapes. You can use up odds and ends of yarn… everyone’s a winner. Lots of online pattern again – like here.
  • Socks – champion knitter? 4 ply socks: a ball of yarn costs around 7 quid and you get a pair of pure wool socks to keep your loved one toes nice and snug. Skills but no time? Consider DK or aran socks – they knit in a trice. Beginner? Simple slipper patterns made up in chunky yarn – like this.
  • Shopping bags – as we are now in a post-plastic-bag era, consider making one of these market bags – if you have more of that summer-top yarn – perfect!
  • Teddys, amigurumi animals – never underestimate a the appeal of cute toys for even very jaded adults!
shop bought tree decoration –  you could make your own!

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