counting down to christmas

The Village Wool Shop window has become a giant advent calendar – no choccies regrettably – and I’m ticking off the knitting days too. Both of these things have made me incredibly aware that there isn’t much knitting time available time until the festive season hits us!

But it’s ok – I’ve kinda given up on knitting for Christmas anyway. I read the blogs (like this one, ) where the writer has routinely set themselves some sort of self-imposed and frightening gift schedule and I chuckle. Been there, done that, not going to do it again.

When I first got into sock knitting I decided that everyone would have a pair – well, it seemed a good idea at the time. But there’s nothing like having to crank out socks like a machine to suck the joy out of the process. You think second sock syndrome is bad? Try 12th sock syndrome!

Cable knit socks
Xmas socks – long since felted!

The following year I decided to widen the brief – no socks, but something lovely and knitted for everyone. Hats, scarfs, market bags, mittens. It was better than socks but I have never seen any of the things that I made actually on, near or being used by my wider family. AND there is no joy in knitting for folks that (in my dad’s case) dismiss wool as ‘itchy’ and called the cashmere blend pair I made him ‘the best bed socks he’d ever had’, or for people who regard anything that didn’t come from Next, M&S or John Lewis as second-best, or a sibling that loses all their scarfs. ALL OF THEM. ALWAYS.

So now I knit socks for my sons and husband year round as they need them and Christmas is a time for leisurely, self-indulgent knitting – just for me!

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