This is the start of my second year in the Village Wool Shop and it’s been a good year in many ways: I’ve had some lovely encounters with some fabulous knitters and crocheters. I’ve improved my knitting skills, explored my creativity (I made knitting patterns!!) and I’ve still found time to re-visit dressmaking, and continue to scrabble a few moments for my first creative love – drawing. On a personal note, my youngest son graduated and we now have both kids at home again (which is good, honestly).

The year wasn’t without challenges however – Keith was without a job for a while and we became a wee bit anxious about money, and anyone with a small high-street shop cannot be complacent in the current climate. The friendship, goodwill and support that I’ve received have been amazing, but realistically, a business needs customers too! Crawshawbooth high-street has been quiet of late and significant traders are cutting days and maybe even closing.

Of course, I consider myself very lucky: violence and terror have ended lives worldwide, Donald Trump is about to be the next US president and we have lost many much-loved and admired actors and musicians,  meanwhile the country is divided on the subject of Europe and we have seen some disturbing evidence that racism and bigotry have not been banished to the past where they belong. It’s been a sombre year.

So goodbye 2016 (some might say good riddance) and hello 2017 and a big thank you to all our friends.


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