Little pink hats

The last year, with its politics of exclusion in the UK, and the prospect of a lying orange fool at the helm of a one of the world’s greatest democracies, has been a trifle depressing. But the thousands of women and supportive men turning up at marches across the world to offer a bit of positivity, provided a delightful, happy antidote.

Many marchers were wearing hand-made, pink, woolly, pussy-cat shaped hats to create a sea of pinkness. This was, of course, a response to the new President of the United States claiming that women would let him ‘grab them by the pussy’ because he was rich and privileged. No thanks Mr. President, said over a million marchers in Washington and well over 3 million worldwide.


Hand-made hats and community spirit will not change the world overnight, but the feelings that inspired them – love, solidarity, mutual respect, and a little bit of rebellion – maybe those could put us on a path to a better future.

Here’s to pink, woolly pussy-cat hats.


PS This is my blog and these are my views. Freedom of speech is great, isn’t it?

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