Edinburgh and what not

Sorry it’s been awhile between postings – life has been busy and there’s been a few challenges to consider too.

The last-but-one weekend we went to the Edinburgh Wool Festival. I guess it’s usual to turn out a blog post that’s full of gushing superlatives about the event along with a picture of the goodies I bought. Well, as much as I love yarn, and as lovely as it was to be surrounded by people who adored yarn as much (sometimes more!) than me, I came away feeling a bit glum. The event is very much at the artisan end of knitting and crochet – and there was some gorgeous things to buy. But the entrance fee is 12 pounds and there didn’t seem to be a ball of yarn under 7 quid for 50g. AND THE PLACE WAS RAMMED!  I sell reasonably priced yarns in my shop, and I’ve tried to make a commitment to selling the best quality knitting wool and sometimes I don’t see a soul for ages in my little establishment. I want people to love knitting of course, but I want them to have the chance to buy yarn near their homes at reasonable prices, just like I did when I was younger.

If someone gave me a penny for all the  times I’d been told that ‘knitting is having a moment’ I’d have almost a pound! And maybe it is – but that wouldn’t reflect my experience of sitting in an empty shop worrying about the bills. I guess it’s the internet, or the shift from high-street yarn shops to artisanal craft fairs – or just a lack of ready money to spend on hobbies, but it’s sometimes a struggle. To that end I am reducing my hours again – this time to 4 days a week – Tuesday to Friday 11am to 4pm.  This should give me more time to work out how to make a living from the business and make any changes necessary to sustain it in the long run.

I’m sorry to be a bit down-hearted – I still love my little knitting shop and I hate the thought of even losing one day, so I will keep on going until I can’t think of an alternative! Your support is essential of course and a big thanks to all my regular customers.

I’ll leave you with some photos – including the one with the Edinburgh goodies!

3 thoughts on “Edinburgh and what not

  1. I love your knitting shop too, and the wealth of experience people like yourself are willing to share with their customers. I would be very sorry indeed if you are not in our village anymore and I will do my best to keep calling in though I’m not a prolific knitter.


  2. I really wish I lived closer to you. I would certainly come in and buy some wool from you. I hope business picks up for you.


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