Apologies if you follow my blog – there’s not been much to follow lately. This has been due to a few things: I had a cunning plan for a blog post that didn’t work out (but might come to something eventually), Easter happened and (confession time) I basically wanted to spend all my time at the sewing machine – not blogging about boring old knitting.

I’ve always been a bit multi-crafty: I still love knitting obviously (how would I watch TV without knitting? How would I endure out-patients appointments without a sock to do) but I rediscovered crochet a year ago (and haven’t looked back), I’ve always loved to draw and paint and I’ve usually been a sewer too. I say ‘usually’ because I’ve had long breaks from my machine, usually as a result of a long run of ugly results from projects gone bad. That was before my lovely overlocker came into my life and made jersey knits do-able and gave me my sew-Jo back. I’ve been cracking on with a few things….

Meanwhile I’ve had to make myself get to grips with outstanding knits…..

  • Socks – I’ve got three single socks at the moment – woe, woe and thrice woe.
  • A jumper that uses up lots of odds and sods of Sirdar Harrap Tweed – it’s coming along (just a sleeve to do) but if I don’t get a wiggle on, it’ll be summer and not suitable for wearing sweaters! (…. well, it is the UK, so maybe not…)
  • I have one knitted shawl and one crocheted on the go – the latter is lovely – it’s this pattern in this yarn and I expect it to be gorgeous when (if????) it (ever) gets finished.IMG_0622
  • There is also a finished sweater (this one) that has turned out too big and needs…..something (a turn through a tumble dryer? As dog is my witness, there is no way in hell that it’s being undone …NOT. HAPPENING.
  • And there are several other bits and bobs that, frankly, I’m embarrassed to even mention.

I had better buck my ideas up, and leave the sewing machine alone.

PS. I’ve just started making a black linen jacket….. so excited.

* mum and dad tomato walking down the road with their baby tomato, he falls behind and gets squished by a truck – “ketchup” they shout……but it’s too late….. (ketchup/catch-up…geddit)

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