Works in progress – June 2017

This has been an exciting week for me: nope not the British General Election (although that was a bit….um, bewildering/exciting/odd) but the fact that I actually finished something! Go me…. stick a fork in it, it’s done….whoop!

Ok, so the something in question is a scarf/small shawl and there is still a lot of WIPs to work my way through, but this has felt like major progress on the knitting front.  I bought the Istex Einband yarn on a recent fabulous trip to Iceland and decided that this traditional Shetland pattern would show off the colours to the greatest effect. I love the combination of lime, green and brown, but it does look rather like a chocolate lime. Not necessarily a bad thing in my book, but I will have to consider my colour choices a bit more carefully in future to avoid the ‘sweet shop’ look. (danger…awkward selfie…how do people manage to get a decent photo of themselves?)

Still on the needles are several single socks awaiting their mate, including this rather jolly one…IMG_3620

…at least two more shawls, and rather more practically, a grey cardigan that I’m ‘frankensteining’ from a old Sirdar raglan twinset pattern  – progress so far is pretty good.

This is the ‘rib’ and the front band – its going to be an edge to edge cardigan with a v-neck…all being well.

I must get to grips with my fondness for knitting shawls as I’m hopeless at actually wearing them: I don’t have any dresses that they’ll go with and I’m not Jane Austen!

I have decided to suspend sewing activities for a wee while: because the process is so quick there’s a real danger that you can out-sew your wardrobe needs and simply sew stuff for the heck of it. Now, as a keen knitter/crocheter, I’m all in favour of crafting for the heck of it in general, but I only have a teensy amount of hanging space and limited draw-space (as well as a lifestyle that makes an extensive wardrobe unnecessary) so for now, I’ve put away the sewing machine and stepped back from the stash…. after all, there’s still few single socks that need a friend!

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