a quick WIP/FO round-up

After last weeks end of shop story I wanted to give you something a bit more optimistic –

Some Finished Objects (FO’s)!

…plus there’s also a second for another sad solo sock too – and I even got around to blocking the FO’s too. I’m in love with the green shawls (the top is this  and the bottom crocheted one is this). I quite like the cardigan but I’m a touch unsure about the neck-line and tbh at the moment the weather is far to hot and sticky for such a substantial piece of knitwear (it’s very heavy, but with a lovely drape).

This leaves me with three blankets, a secret project that I can’t talk about about and the first of a pair of socks and that’s it…..hold on….three blankets? Three?

Ah, well, long story short, me and my man are off on holiday/adventuring next week. We have bought a small motor home (she’s called Vanda..Van..da. Camper van-da. Geddit?) and we’re taking her on the road to bonny Scotland for a couple of weeks. So naturally I needed a new project (I mean, duh) and a crochet blanket is ideal for 2 reasons: first off, it’s a nice relaxing Zen-filled WIP and second once you’ve made some progress on it, it’s a blanket. Handy for a summer holiday in Scotland I think.

If I like the blanket (and so far the signs are good) I will post a wee pattern – it’s aran weight using the simplest of patterns, just trebles (American DC) and granny square clusters, so it’s sweetly fast growing and fairly mindless. My colour choice was determined by our holiday destination, hence the heathery tones, oatmeal, sea-blue and pine green, but I reckon a less subdued scheme would work too. I’m going to keep on working on it until I run out of yarn, but I’m hoping that it will be a good generous throw size – ideal for snuggling under when it’s cold outside (i.e.. summer in the highlands).

As I’m holidaying I guess the blog will go quiet for a couple of weeks, but don’t worry as ever I shall be knitting/crocheting and will hopefully have some more FO’s on my return. See you soon.

Vanda's blankie

Well, that’s that then…..

It’s official  – my contribution to UK yarn shops ends at the end of October – if someone comes along before then who wants to run a wool shop of their very own, the Village Wool Shop will stay open, but I won’t be running it anymore.

I am sadder than I can say and hugely disappointed that I won’t have my own little wool ‘den’ anymore, but I have a damaged knee that needs repair, and I can’t afford staff while I’m recuperating. So that is that.

I will miss my regular customers and new friends, and the sheer delight in being surrounded every day by lovely wool, and of course I will miss the knitting group too.

I would like give a really BIG “thank you” to my landlords for helping me out of a hole, as well as a huge shout-out to all the regular woolaholics for keeping me in business (if I every run out of yarn, I know where to go…)

I won’t miss the predatory service providers (electricity, telecoms, water and payment system providers) who call the shop far too often and charge like wounded bulls. And I won’t miss the very quiet days when almost no-one came into the shop. How do you support your local high street in these tough times? Use it!

My ramblings on this blog will continue (I mostly talk about knitting, and as I’m as likely to give up eating as knitting,  I might as well keep on keeping on) – but unfortunately the Facebook page will go with the shop, so apologies to our followers.

I am hoping that even though this is the end of the shop, it’s potentially the beginning of a new chapter. I have gained a lot of business experience, a working knowledge of pattern design and I will most likely have quite a lot of spare yarn by the end of the next few months! Put them all together, and what have you got? An Etsy page perhaps – or simply a shopping opportunity on the Villagewoolly site, or perhaps a stall at a future yarn fair – who knows, I reckon it’s the end of the beginning, rather than the beginning of the end!

PS – The sale to end all sales starts next week – there will be bargains!!


WIPupdateSo progress has definitely been made – the tally now stands at….

  • three 2 shawls (2 knitted, one crocheted)
  • two one three-quarter finished pair of socks
  • a cardigan (finished knitting – waiting to be blocked)
  • *a sweater (definitely a candidate for frogging)
  • two blankets (one knitted, one crocheted)  …I reckon these are winter projects really, ideal for simultaneously snuggling under and working on while it’s chilly outside…no-one would expect me to finish them while its all hot and sticky…right?

*the sweater was started last summer and is a basically a t-shirt and on balance I have a lot of t-shirts already and I don’t really like knitting cotton, so I think it might be frogged and turned into a crochet project. So no longer on the list. Yay!

So I have 2 shawls, a pair of socks to finish and a couple of blankets on hold (totally justified). I’ve made significant progress on one of the shawls (the sticky, pollen-y weather receded just long enough to allow a good 2 inches of mohair knitting) and the other is ideal TV knitting. So I’m all good….. time to cast on a new project?




As evidenced by my last post, my Works in Progress have got a wee bit out of hand and if I’m honest there was a  wee bit of tactical under-reporting of the on-the-go projects. There’s a couple of reasons for this: shame, because the ‘started but not finished’ stuff suggests a butterfly brain of epic proportions and second, and possibly even worse, I had simply forgotten one or two things, and while having a sort out I came across them lurking in the depths of my knitting basket. So here’s the actual tally

  • three shawls (2 knitted, one crocheted)
  • two half finished pairs of socks
  • a cardigan
  • a sweater
  • two blankets (one knitted, one crocheted

…this is frankly embarrassing. These were all good projects, made with fine yarns and they deserve to be finished. They’re hidden in bags and baskets but I can sometimes hear them call to me….”Joanne, don’t you love me anymore…what did I do? Shouldn’t we try again…” and all the time I’m browsing Ravelry for patterns and delving into my stash for the next project. Sigh.

So – basically I am promising to finish the outstanding projects (or at least get them down to manageable proportions before I even think of starting anything new. And if you catch me stroking a particularly nice BFL DK with a faraway look in my eyes…remind me of my vow.