As evidenced by my last post, my Works in Progress have got a wee bit out of hand and if I’m honest there was a  wee bit of tactical under-reporting of the on-the-go projects. There’s a couple of reasons for this: shame, because the ‘started but not finished’ stuff suggests a butterfly brain of epic proportions and second, and possibly even worse, I had simply forgotten one or two things, and while having a sort out I came across them lurking in the depths of my knitting basket. So here’s the actual tally

  • three shawls (2 knitted, one crocheted)
  • two half finished pairs of socks
  • a cardigan
  • a sweater
  • two blankets (one knitted, one crocheted

…this is frankly embarrassing. These were all good projects, made with fine yarns and they deserve to be finished. They’re hidden in bags and baskets but I can sometimes hear them call to me….”Joanne, don’t you love me anymore…what did I do? Shouldn’t we try again…” and all the time I’m browsing Ravelry for patterns and delving into my stash for the next project. Sigh.

So – basically I am promising to finish the outstanding projects (or at least get them down to manageable proportions before I even think of starting anything new. And if you catch me stroking a particularly nice BFL DK with a faraway look in my eyes…remind me of my vow.

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