WIPupdateSo progress has definitely been made – the tally now stands at….

  • three 2 shawls (2 knitted, one crocheted)
  • two one three-quarter finished pair of socks
  • a cardigan (finished knitting – waiting to be blocked)
  • *a sweater (definitely a candidate for frogging)
  • two blankets (one knitted, one crocheted)  …I reckon these are winter projects really, ideal for simultaneously snuggling under and working on while it’s chilly outside…no-one would expect me to finish them while its all hot and sticky…right?

*the sweater was started last summer and is a basically a t-shirt and on balance I have a lot of t-shirts already and I don’t really like knitting cotton, so I think it might be frogged and turned into a crochet project. So no longer on the list. Yay!

So I have 2 shawls, a pair of socks to finish and a couple of blankets on hold (totally justified). I’ve made significant progress on one of the shawls (the sticky, pollen-y weather receded just long enough to allow a good 2 inches of mohair knitting) and the other is ideal TV knitting. So I’m all good….. time to cast on a new project?



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