one door closes….

Another week or so until the shop closes. In a way – mostly associated with my knee and, um, pain, it’s good to be getting to the end of things. But in most other respects, it’s pretty damn heartbreaking.

How will I miss the shop? Let me count the ways.

The people – whether you came to shop, browse, learn or just to chat. I have met knitters who have  shared my obsession, keen crocheters who sparked my current passion for colourful blankets, proud grandmas knitting a beautiful welcome for new members of the family, confident and experienced knitters with decades of making under their belts and people just at the beginning of their crafting journey. I have also spent time with folk who seemed a little sad perhaps and maybe lonely too, occasionally plain eccentric. But always kind, hopeful and great company. Thank you all.

The wool and yarn – I have been privileged to have access to lovely, colourful, soft, seductive, smooth, vibrant, silky, springy, gorgeous knitting and crocheting yarns. And I’ve been able to either a. get them at cost price (tee hee) and/or b. simply pluck them from my shelf and take them home to my stash. I will now have to start using that stash and I’ll have to pay full price too. Boo hoo, poor me. (I imagine you have limited sympathy for this point…so moving on….)

The work – working in a knitting shop is a pleasure – and occasionally I have also managed to make enough money that I’ve even had a wage. Ok, so not minimum wage and sometimes there hasn’t even been enough to take home. But still, it was mine….all mine. And I will have to manage my free time once I’ve got it again. This coming year could be awkward: there’s a risk that I’ll spend it marking time until someone repairs my knee, having my knee repaired and then recovering from having my knee repaired and then – boom – another year will have gone by. So I hope to get my future started as soon as possible after the shop door closes for the last time.rainbow socks

The page will continue to operate – and I have an interesting challenge to announce soon – so stay tuned.


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