# nobuyzone audit

Well that was ….um, not good.

Here are the results of the audit

…in addition there are 9 coats, about a dozen handbags (and yet another bag for the bloody charity shop)! Some thoughts occur.

  • My wardrobe is very dark, mostly black, some sludgy colours and navy. I don’t think this is a good thing. And I have a lot of stripe-y things.
  • My shoe collection shows an unwavering commitment to comfort and Converse.
  • I have too many things that rarely get worn – the reason for this is that they are designated for ‘going out’ in….and I rarely go anywhere that merits a complete change of clothes.
  • On the upside, a good third of the tops that I have – t-shirts and tunic style – are made by me and get worn a lot. Buying the over-locker was a good move and it’s now more than paying back its purchase cost.

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