#nobuyzone -additions?

So having decided to take a holiday from buying more stuff, and auditing my wardrobe, what, if anything, do I need to buy in the remaining three weeks?

  • I have a passion for Converse & usually buy a pair each summer – though the last iteration made it through two (I bought sandals instead this year… worn 4 times. Stupid British summers). My current orange ones are looking a bit sad, so might need to be ‘pre-placed’ (which is a bit like being replaced, but in advance).

    …my under-utilised sandals. 
  • I need a neutral grey cardigan – I was making one and it’s nearly there, but not quite…. it’s one of those projects that I keep going back to and tweeking, before adding it back to the ‘to be finalised’ pile. I’m not sure what I don’t like about it, so I’m not sure how to cure it. It’s nice yarn….maybe I should just frog it and start again…
  • I might need new trainers: the current ones are fairly new and due to being Limpy McLimpface I don’t do a lot of actual working out! But wait, what if I get operated on in the next few months, recover rapidly, take up exercise and wear those trainers out? Um, I think that under these slightly unlikely circumstances I shall allow new sports shoes as the ONLY EXCEPTION TO THE #NOBUYZONE rule book.
  • I might treat myself to new knickers – on reflection some of them are looking a little saggy!

Next time….we need to talk about yarn…..


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