We need to talk about yarn…

OK  so we’ve assessed the clothes/shoes axis (I won’t be buying handbags either btw – I’ve ‘only’ got half a dozen or so, but that being said, I only use one regularly…the others clog up the wardrobe. Sulking) – so let’s move onto yarn.

Now before I owned a wool shop I had a stash. This largely consisted of skeins of beautiful lace-weights that I was scared to use, left-overs from finished projects and bargain yarn batches that I hadn’t found a use for, plus maybe enough yarn for the ongoing project. It looked like a lot. My mum never had anywhere near that amount: just enough for her current project and a small bag of scraps. I read funny stories by the Yarn Harlot about stash storage, but couldn’t empathise – I could hide my stash in just a small corner of the wardrobe.

Then I bought a wool shop and little by little, some of the good stuff trickled out and began to fill storage bags in my house. I mean I didn’t go crazy-mad, I just treated myself. Then, when I knew the shop was going to close and that a fire-sale was inevitable, I looked around the shelves and thought, nobody is having this delicious stuff at knockdown prices, (and because it was 100% wool and a premium product, it hadn’t exactly been flying off the shelves in any case) so I bagged it up and brought it home. I am not ashamed. Nope.

So the picture below is my stash – or the vast majority of it: not included is a large box of shop haberdashery and an equally large box for my Sock-blankie 2 and its ton of sock leftovers. And there is another small bag of some quite horrid acrylic ‘Special’ DK that I bought under the influence of a very famous blogger. Some of it turned into a blanket, the rest is called upon to produce occasional samples and pattern tests. I cannot throw it away because, well, it’s yarn. But friends, I remain unpersuaded of its ‘special’ qualities.

the full stash
sock wool
..the special ones…

When I arranged all this yarn on the bed I felt a mixture of shame and pride: the former because that’s a lot of yarn for one person, and the latter because that is a lot of yarn for one person.

And I do not need to buy any more yarn – do I?

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