Works in progress and a finished object…no really.

As a break from the embarrassment/heart searching of my preparation for the big #nobuyzone year long experiment, I have a bit of knitting to report on – including…..ta dah, a finished object!

Works in progress include this lovely sock – very vanilla pattern, but West Yorkshire spinners sock in Mojito and destined for the Christmas bag I think.IMG_3943

I love West Yorkshire Spinners yarns and I am happy to report that running out of them during my year long yarn diet is NOT GOING TO HAPPEN. They are one of the few major UK yarn producers that use UK wool and they make some of the most scrumptious knitting yarns (at totally do-able prices). As I am no longer a  stockist this isn’t some sort of traders ‘line’ either. If I have a beef with them, it’s that their patterns let them down a wee bit. But if you’re like me, you’ll mostly find your patterns on-line anyway.

Crochet-wise, this little pattern, ‘Katinka’ by Isager is almost at the finishing line, I just have to complete one remaining stripe of the grey, then it’s going to get a jolly good blocking, and this is NOT going to end up as a gift…it’s mine, all mine! I love that pattern motif and the colours are just dreamy. It’s a two-ply lace weight, and crocheted on a 3mm hook so a long time in the making. This was not helped by a pattern screw up. The yarn quantities given were um, mean/incorrect/wishful thinking and I had to take a full stripe back and make up an alternative to the pattern as written. As me and crochet are not old buddies I used a simple eyelet pattern in between the more complicated motif rows. It works. More or less. But can I just say that Loop of London’s customer service isn’t all that.

The finished object is my grey cardigan. I finally managed to work out what was wrong and fix it. And I really rather like it. It’s not elegant, but it is warm, cosy and has a lovely drapey feel to it. I have changed the button for a much larger grey shell one since taking these (as usual, awkward) selfies wearing it, but I can see it being a major contributor to my winter wardrobe.


Next week…. it’s the final countdown to the #nobuyzone. Can I resist the temptation to buy all the things in the last week?

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