A tale of grey t-shirts.

Why do we keep some stuff, and why do we throw some stuff away?

I was ironing a treasured t-shirt the other day. It’s grey, beginning to bobble and seems to be prone to sucking up grease for some reason (that reason might be my love of curry, but that’s another story). I bought it in a sale and there’s nothing especially remarkable about it. It ticks a lot of essential boxes – a-line, grey and comfortable – but it’s not a unique wardrobe ‘piece’ in that respect. I just love it. Don’t know why.

It made me think about all the things that I’ve bought and thrown away. Why did I like these things enough to buy them, but not enough to keep them? I rarely get rid of things because they have worn out – do you? (Socks could be the only exception, and that is one of the reasons why they’re a good knitters project!), but I have got rid of perhaps hundreds of pounds of stuff that I bought, rarely wore and gave away for nothing.

Changing room mirrors are a factor (I reckon I don’t need to lose weight, just get the same mirrors that they use in Next), addled reasons for buying (as a treat/salve/reward/revenge) is another. Weight gain and loss used to be a problem for my wardrobe (and self-esteem)*….. But often I just bought on a whim and added the stuff to my collection without ever really thinking about it, and then fell out of ‘love’ with them.

I am interested to see what happens to my clothes and shoes over the coming year – what wears out? What needs mending? What could be refashioned? I already fix my families jeans (they seem to wear them out weirdly quickly, whereas mine merely gracefully succumb to lycra fatigue…)

It’s been a couple of weeks of #nobuyzone and I’ve had no pangs of regret yet, and there’s been a certain pleasure in rediscovering old friends from my winter wardrobe, now that the weather had changed. By the way, did I mention that I have a lot of scarfs? Just as well, but I wish I had engaged in a little hat and glove excess too!

Works in progress – I have two sock halves, I find that second sock syndrome is slightly improved if you have 2 pairs you can alternate. NB this doesn’t always help.


I am making my husband a sweater – it’s this pattern in Plutolopi yarn. We picked up this un-spun pure wool in Iceland, where my husband fell in love with their traditional sweaters. He did the maths, looked at me and bought the yarn instead of the ready-made. I am enjoying the knit but the yarn covers me in fluff and it’s big…he’s big, his chest is big, ergo – a lot of stitches.IMG_3976
IMG_3978Finished? The crochet scarf/wrap in Isager Highland wool. It’s nice but the pattern is shockingly bad, and the finished item is barely long enough to qualify as a scarf or wrap. Beware…


*I now just stay plump. Much easier…




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