Hello all and I hope you are surviving the return to normality (and if you’re in the States, the brutual weather on the East coast. Blimey, when you folks do weather, you really pull out all the stops!). Everyone in my wee household is back to work, so I’m enjoying quite a bit of peaceful solitude – and naturally I’m using it to craft.

The morning usually finds me stitching: did I mention that I’d taken up embroidery? Well, it might be a touch more truthful to say that I have become like a woman possessed with embroidery (although clearly ‘possessed’ and ‘embroidery’ don’t belong in the same sentence, a bit like ‘shawl’ and ‘rampant’…although maybe there’s some Austen fan-fiction that addresses all these things in the same paragraph…anyway, I digress). Since my first little venture I have assembled all the bits and bobs I need in a work bag, obtained the cutest little Merchant and Mills scissors from this lovely shop in Ilkley and I’ve been enthralled. Pictures below. ‘That’s all?’ I hear you knitters and crocheters cry – when you can knit half a sweater in a week and a crochet a cot blanket in a heartbeat, this tiny offering looks soooo….constipated.



And that is its charm I guess, for me at least. When I paint and draw I make pictures that are full of tiny detail and pattern and now I’ve found something that resembles that but conveyed through thread and cloth. It’s delicious.

(BTW – I had the cloth in my stash and a bunch of the floss too but it’s pretty inexpensive, I owned the frames because I’d made crochet mandalas for the shop window. Aside from the tiny scissors and a few extra bits of floss this is also a seriously cheap hobby. So if times are hard, but the urge to craft is powerful, type ‘embroidery’ into Instagram and be inspired.)

Meanwhile at the yarn-face I seem to have ended up with a few WIP’s again – how does this keep on happening?

I am making this in some rather lovely wine coloured WYS blue-faced Leicester DK. It’s slow going and some of the pictures of finished versions are making me a tad worried that I have chosen the wrong project for this yarn again. This yarn has already been at least two projects: one didn’t get beyond the rib, the other was an ill-advised colour-work project that got as far as mid yoke before I kicked it into touch. Fingers crossed for Cline.

I’ve just cast on this sweater by Kate Davies in a rich ruby alpaca/wool mix. I don’t usually dig her colourwork/negative-ease style but Carbeth spoke to me – it said, I’m ‘A-line and chunky don’t you want to pick up those needles and give Cline a rest in the bag?’ I was hopeless to resist. (I’m making it longer btw, there’s always something with Ms.Davies things that I just can’t get on with, and a cropped chunky sweater doesn’t work for me)

Also on the needles are socks (2nd sock syndrome is strong with this one), a pair of yellow mittens that I carry around in my hand bag just in case there is hospital visiting (long story… but everyone is ok now), around 80 squares for this blanket (with about 20 to go) and 2 or 3 sewing projects.

How on earth did I ever have time to run a shop?

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