Deer and cake

We seem to be romping through January, thank gods, as today’s weather – a horrid combination of snow/sleet/hail – snail? – forcefully suggested that Spring can’t come soon enough).

We took Vanda out at the weekend so she wouldn’t feel unloved, and despite the chill and dreary weather we struggled to find a place that wasn’t fully booked. I thought that winter motor homing  might be a minority sport but hell, no! In the end we got a night at Chatsworth House. Jane Austen fans will recognise it as the home of Darcy (although a couple of places stood in for Pemberley in the BBC adaptation). We had a special key to access the deer park so its a great place for a winter wander. We saw the deer in question – as they weren’t clad in multiple layers of fleece and wool they looked a bit fed up. Local bars in Baslow provided a warm place to walk to.


I took some Bread and Butter Pudding cakes along for snacking purposes: yummy and easy to make. Just chop some sliced brioche loaf into cubes (there was about 2/3 left of the loaf), fling it into a large mixing bowl with a good handful of mixed fruit and peel, 2 eggs, about 3 or 4 tablespoons of double cream, a sprinkle of cinnamon, and a couple of tablespoons of light brown sugar (or to taste). Mix well until all the bread is well-aquainted with the egg mix. Divide between muffin cases and bake for 15 minutes in 180 degrees C until firm. Eat mid-afternoon with coffee.

the colour of the yarn isn’t magenta, its more like claret…camera sigh…

Knitting: making swift progress on Carbeth and ignoring Cline’s plaintive cries from its knitting bag. I am attempting to make it longer and use up some stash yarn so the length of the sleeves and body are still under discussion. I don’t want it too long but need room for a middle-aged ‘apple’ tum. The yarn is Rico Alpaca Dream and it’s lovely. It proved a wee bit too pricey for my customers so I have quite a bit stashed. Oh happy day.

camera fail 2: this is a lovely sunny yellow…

Also re-blocking this cardigan which I’m hoping will rescue it from a trip to Oxfam. It’s Whippet by Ankestrick, which is a lovely pattern to knit, and the yarn is an alpaca from Drops which is equally pleasing, but the finished garment was ‘meh’ with a side of  ‘hmm’. I’m hoping that giving it a more boxy shape will make it more in line with my wardrobe choices. Well, you never know……

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