Finished the second of my Carbeth sweaters today – this one featured a wee bit of colour work but otherwise was more or less the same as the first (the sleeves are a bit longer so they roll up). I love it but tbh, I’m so ready to move on from Winter knitting at the moment – I’ve been finding myself looking for 4 ply /fingering patterns and thinking a bit about lace knitting again. Cline, since you ask, is now on permanent hold until next winter starts knocking on the door. This is for two reasons: I’m still not sure that I love it, and I can’t be bothered frogging it and two: even if I was seized with enthusiasm for it by the time it will be nearing the finishing line, I’m pretty sure it will be too warm to wear it anyway. Although its the UK and there’s an argument that most days here can be sweater days.

I also finished a pair of socks – woo hoo! Well, of course, you might say, don’t you knit socks like all the time? Well, what with being seized with an urge to knit sweaters and a big case of sewing bug, these socks just didn’t really ‘do it’ for me (sensible blue stripes, textured pattern, for my significant other and his biggish feet). I made the first way back in November and then just knitted a few rows here and there when stuck for something to do. This is not a good idea with sock production: you forget how many stitches you cast on, what you made you decide to fiddle with the heel (and how you did it) and well, it becomes a classic case of second sock syndrome.

But I finished (with grim determination) and decided to take a break from socks for a while. On the basis of this decision I gave away a good chunk of my stash of sock yarns (not the interesting ones, just a few doublers from my shop collection) and then …. well, this sock appeared on my horizon and I was smitten. So I dug out some  yarn, finished the cuff in double-quick-timeand then well, either I’m a dummy or the pattern is awkward. Either way up, I should have stuck to my no-socks plan. I’m now on my 5th attempt. Sigh.

I am also knitting a shawl with another couple of bits from my stash and again, its really not dinging my bell. It’s weird how sometimes you can’t stop finding things to knit…and sometimes you can’t find anything that sticks.

Anyway some pictures of the Carbeth…..

…the last picture shows how much of the grey yarn I had left over. I wanted the body to be the same length as the first Carbeth I knitted and the sleeves to be a smidge longer too – with less yarn, much less. I thought that using the purple would help and I was right, but I didn’t leave myself a great deal of wiggle room!

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