I refer you to my post of last year – and I wasn’t going to go this year but my lovely hubby had the event in his diary and he thought that I would enjoy another visit north (and he had some IHG points to use up – which meant that we stayed in a lovely and central Hotel Indigo). He was right about enjoying Edinburgh (which is my favourite UK city by a country mile) but I am done with knitting shows.

Maybe it was too soon after losing my own little shop, maybe it was the heat and crowds, maybe the increased entry price (15 quid!!!!)  or maybe the beautiful but expensive yarns, but again it all made me a little low. I bought a few bits and pieces (just the one ball of yarn) but came away thinking that the festival is run for a club that I don’t qualify for. Ordinary everyday knitting has nothing to do with the brilliant rainbows of yarn on display – to make a sweater you’d need to find a hundred pounds or so, so it’s exclusive in the strict sense of the word. My customers would have felt ill at ease amongst the stashers and free spenders flocking to the hand-dyed stalls.

Consumption for its own sake is something I feel deeply uncomfortable with at the moment, hence my attempt to stop spending on ‘stuff’. That ball of sock yarn from the EYF was the last treat I think – #nobuyzone is back on track.

Knitting news….. my Carbeth cardigan was indeed frogged and is being re-knitted on smaller needles. I did the sleeves on the drive up and back to the north and now the body is coming along pretty well (and I bought the most gorgeous buttons for it at the festival). Sock ongoing, gloves still stalled, shawl…well I have an idea for the yarn, and I’ve played around with some stitch patterns….it might work. Watch this space.

Sewing has taken up most of my crafting attention this week: I finished an embroidery project and produced a nice little blouse for Spring (if it ever happens). I have pant plans too…



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