knit next

This time last weekend I had four layers of clothes on (and a scarf and 2 lots of gloves), today I sat out in a t-shirt and had a cup of tea in the sun: this is why British weather is always a conversation point. As mentioned in a previous post I’m done with large projects (I have the yarn and pattern for this¬†lovely sweater tucked away for later in the year/when I’m laid up – whichever comes first) but I’m all about small right now. Irritatingly my right wrist thought that this would be the ideal time to make knitting socks a painful chore, so I’m having to put those aside for a moment (just as I managed to find the prettiest self-striping sock yarn in wool and cashmere too…).

Instead I’m crocheting – catching up on ¬†an old blanket project and inventing a scarf/wrap/thing with the help of this crochet pattern from Purl Soho which will use up 3 random skeins of WYS aran yarn (this but in a variegated colour way) and a couple of rather lovely balls of yarn that I scored in Berwick on Tweed last weekend. I grant you that an aran wrap/scarf thing is not totally seasonally appropriate but …well, there you go.

To be honest I can’t really settle to anything much at the moment – the possible impending surgery (or it may be in several months…the jury appears to be out on this) has apparently befuddled me a bit. So instead of warbling away about random stuff I’ll give you some lovely seaview photos to enjoy!