Finished objects and works in progress..

Hello from Project Sitting-on-my-ass-and-trying-not-to-climb-the-walls..

It’s nearly the end of the um, 5th?, week and I am at that awkward stage where I’m not really broken anymore, but not quite fixed either. I have started hopping around without my crutch from time to time and on one occasion actually left it...somewhere and had to hunt for it.  But I am still not walking with that self-assured, unthinkingly fluid, casual elegance that other walkers throw in my face when I’m limping around the block. No, of course they don’t mean to do it…yes, I know I’m being paranoid, and yes, I will buck up.

Now I’m off the major pain-killers I’m actually able to finish stuff off: this Rainbow Relay scarf flew off the needles and was a joy to knit. The colours are lovely and the construction of the scarf is faintly addictive (classic ‘just one more row’ territory). I can’t block it right now(kneeling is not part of my skill set at the moment) but I know it’s going to be even better after a good wet-block. (The minis are from the Knitting Goddess but the grey yarn was band-less. I know it was a silk/wool mixture and probably bought in Portland Oregon. But the rest is a mystery. I’m sorry)

The UK is currently enjoying a hot summer (and our football team scored 6 goals in the World Cup…neither of these things make any sense) so scarfs and shawls are investments in the future at the moment,  as is my other finished project – the sanity blanket. This stash-busting, round-and-round crochet project kept me going pre- and post-op when I needed something soothing (pre…) and mindless (post). I think it has a touch of Mexicana about it which is currently all the rage, darlings. I tried to use up every scrap of yarn – hence the flowers – and the yarn in question was a ‘special’ DK that was never going to be used for a serious project.

Also completed: vanilla man socks in WYS Bullfinch – still my favourite colour combo in this range.

Ongoing: Cranberry Gose sweater – is stalled at the moment as woolly garments just seem so low priority, but I’m cranking out socks. These blue ones require a touch of neon, and this Regia darning and reinforcement thread has been in my stash for a while. I’m also playing around with some rather gorgeous Countess Ablaze yarn and some Kid Mohair I stashed from the shop… I don’t know where this is going yet…but I like it!




Hola peeps!

Back home and recuperating quickly after my op: the new knee is bedding in nicely (did you know that they try and send you home after a mere one night in hospital these days? Nope, me neither, and when it was suggested, I had a panic attack and practically begged to be able to stay in for one more night….).

I mentioned that I had a heap of projects all ready for the ‘sitting down’ epic? Well, I overlooked a couple of things 1. strong painkillers + brain power = concentration sucks 2. sitting + new knee = pain. So I am not making great progress through my ‘to do’ list. In fact I don’t have a single finished item to show for the last couple of weeks and very little knitting done in general. I have got an idiot proof crochet blanket (round and round and round – in variegated yarns) which is pretty much the only thing that’s getting done. This weird Franken-crochet is already destined for the inside of my car bless it. It’s moderately entertaining for my whacked-out brain – but it ain’t pretty.

I’m hoping that this upcoming third week post-op will see my mobility improve and the pain-relief fall back a bit. I’ve identified some sewing gaps that need filling. I had to purchase some t-shirts on line to go with the loose trousers I’m currently obliged to wear… my baggy top collection was not an attractive pairing with my baggy pant collection and through some further oversight, both largely consisted of contrasting shades of navy blue. Sigh. #nobuyzone is in tatters at this stage: I guess I should review it?

Anyhoo – normal service will be resumed at some point – I hope!