Finished objects and works in progress..

Hello from Project Sitting-on-my-ass-and-trying-not-to-climb-the-walls..

It’s nearly the end of the um, 5th?, week and I am at that awkward stage where I’m not really broken anymore, but not quite fixed either. I have started hopping around without my crutch from time to time and on one occasion actually left it...somewhere and had to hunt for it.  But I am still not walking with that self-assured, unthinkingly fluid, casual elegance that other walkers throw in my face when I’m limping around the block. No, of course they don’t mean to do it…yes, I know I’m being paranoid, and yes, I will buck up.

Now I’m off the major pain-killers I’m actually able to finish stuff off: this Rainbow Relay scarf flew off the needles and was a joy to knit. The colours are lovely and the construction of the scarf is faintly addictive (classic ‘just one more row’ territory). I can’t block it right now(kneeling is not part of my skill set at the moment) but I know it’s going to be even better after a good wet-block. (The minis are from the Knitting Goddess but the grey yarn was band-less. I know it was a silk/wool mixture and probably bought in Portland Oregon. But the rest is a mystery. I’m sorry)

The UK is currently enjoying a hot summer (and our football team scored 6 goals in the World Cup…neither of these things make any sense) so scarfs and shawls are investments in the future at the moment,  as is my other finished project – the sanity blanket. This stash-busting, round-and-round crochet project kept me going pre- and post-op when I needed something soothing (pre…) and mindless (post). I think it has a touch of Mexicana about it which is currently all the rage, darlings. I tried to use up every scrap of yarn – hence the flowers – and the yarn in question was a ‘special’ DK that was never going to be used for a serious project.

Also completed: vanilla man socks in WYS Bullfinch – still my favourite colour combo in this range.

Ongoing: Cranberry Gose sweater – is stalled at the moment as woolly garments just seem so low priority, but I’m cranking out socks. These blue ones require a touch of neon, and this Regia darning and reinforcement thread has been in my stash for a while. I’m also playing around with some rather gorgeous Countess Ablaze yarn and some Kid Mohair I stashed from the shop… I don’t know where this is going yet…but I like it!



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