What does a knitter do when it’s too sunny to knit? 

All my knitting projects (bar one – socks. I’m never not knitting socks. Ever) are stalled at the moment while the weather in the UK remains oddly mediterranean. Every time I pick up a project I put it down almost immediately: that woolly goodness that I usually relish is really not doing it for me at the moment. I would sew but my sewing space is a south facing conservatory (blindingly bright and very, very hot). It’s also my art space, but to be honest I think that the practicalities are secondary to the simple truth that this weather sucks the enthusiasm right out of you. (note: if you’re un-used to it. British people have one of these spells every 20 years and have no chance to acclimatise!)

Having finished my latest crochet blanket I’ve been looking for a new project that is weather appropriate and not a blanket. I came across these squares on Ravelry and thought that a wrap/shawl fashioned from this yarn might be a good in-betweeny until I can start another blanket (I know, I know…you can have too many blankets but I can’t help myself). I’ve made 4 so far and I think its going to be a big square. The yarn lends itself to drapiness and when washed, relaxes even more. Having said all that, I’ve not picked up a hook in a week. Sigh.


I’ve a little embroidery project on the go which is giving proving to be much more engaging: here’s a sneak preview…


….I don’t know how it will turn out  and I’ve had some issues with this sort of work in the past so don’t be at all surprised if you don’t see it again!

In exciting news, I will be a student again come September. I’ve been accepted by Huddersfield University to do a Masters Degree in Fashion Textile Practices. I’ll tell you more about that nearer enrolment but it’s an exciting opportunity to expand my craft.

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