stuff is happening

(Call yourself a blogger? Do you even remember what a keyboard looks like?) 

Apologies for (yet more) radio silence – this happened though….


I’m nearly the oldest student in my group and certainly the one who felt most like a rabbit caught in the headlights of an oncoming HGV. After enrolment and a day of full-on information I felt like my head would explode. Like, literally – bytes of data and brain tissue all over the place.

Anyhoo – I’m feeling  a touch more sanguine this week (although that could be the new medication that I’m taking for the back pain…sigh. Me and my body are going to have to have a talk at some point about team work. I went out there and had major maintenance and repair on my knee, lost weight because of my cholesterol and – gulp – enlarged liver, eased myself off pain killers and bought a fit-bit, and f**k me, my back goes. Guys, give me a break). All as I have to do now is study, meet deadlines, work with people half my age (who struggle with the idea, let alone the practice of turning up on time) produce a body of work and write something coherent about it. No problemo.

If you’ve turned up here to see some knitting action, well, it’s disappointment all round. I finished the Cranberry Gose sweater but realised that the neckline was too shallow for a standard round neck, so had to re-knit it as the polo neck it was intended to be. I’m ok with it and it’s cosy, but I kinda wish I had given it a provisional cast on so I could lengthen it if need be (and I have a ton of the yarn left over so that would have been very do-able) and i wonder if the sleeves were a. a good thing? and b. could have been longer? As I’m having difficulties getting knitting projects over the line and I’ve got a lot on my plate at the moment (see above) my main feeling is that I need to stick a fork in it and call it done.  I did manage to finish a pair of socks and I’ve nearly got another pair off the needles, and the pair that I’m ‘designing’ is getting close to being ready for the second sock experience (which is always a learning curve, especially when you ‘misplace’ your knitting note-book!) so that’s something.

So in conclusion, stuff is happening, not so much of the knitting, and I must try harder. Thank you for reading.

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