I’m a stranger around these parts myself…

I know, I know, it’s been awhile again….but people I’ve finished pretty much all my outstanding knitting projects*!

So this time I have – ta dah – a pair of socks! (my pattern, and I may get round to writing it out …at some point). These have been (at times) the least fun project I have ever knitted. It’s taken me several months to finish them, I’ve frogged them so many times I lost count, and although I like them well enough as a finished object, they are destined for the Christmas gift bag. They’re just not me. It’s funny how you can just fall out of love with something isn’t it? However on that slightly despondent note I give you……CLINE!

All done and dusted and quite possibly the most beautiful thing I have ever knitted. It’s a gorgeous colour (dark rose or possibly claret) and the yarn was a joy to knit with (500g of West Yorkshire Spinners BFL) despite being frogged from another sweater. But it’s taken me nearly 2 years to get it done and that was because – well, I’m really not sure. Some of the project shots on Ravelry made me doubt the pattern, and I wondered whether it would suit me once I’d knitted it. (I think it does but you’ll have to wait until a. I get my remote control sorted out and b. we have some sun. It’s November in the UK. So.)

The weight and drape of the yarn is a thing of beauty. It’s not exactly true to the pattern being slightly longer in the sleeves (I hate to be cold), and I didn’t like the doubled up collar so I took myself off to You Tube to learn the tubular cast off and did that after about 5cm of rib. Well what a revelation! This is the cast off I will be using on all of my necklines from now on. I’m not gonna lie, it’s fiddly as feck and it requires quite a lot of Kitchenering, but the end result is (honestly) worth every second.

The only defect is that, having been frogged and rewound, some of the yarn joins sit in awkward places (for example, right over my right breast…) but I’m going to assume that no-one else but me will notice that!

So yeah. It’s weird how you can love a project and grow to dislike it (socks) and let a project lie fallow for a couple of years and then when it’s done….Well, it’s one to treasure.

To celebrate having no knitting projects** at all, I cast on a pair of socks and a hat almost immediately!

*crochet projects weren’t counted

**….see above.