What does a knitter do when it’s too sunny to knit? 

All my knitting projects (bar one – socks. I’m never not knitting socks. Ever) are stalled at the moment while the weather in the UK remains oddly mediterranean. Every time I pick up a project I put it down almost immediately: that woolly goodness that I usually relish is really not doing it for me at the moment. I would sew but my sewing space is a south facing conservatory (blindingly bright and very, very hot). It’s also my art space, but to be honest I think that the practicalities are secondary to the simple truth that this weather sucks the enthusiasm right out of you. (note: if you’re un-used to it. British people have one of these spells every 20 years and have no chance to acclimatise!)

Having finished my latest crochet blanket I’ve been looking for a new project that is weather appropriate and not a blanket. I came across these squares on Ravelry and thought that a wrap/shawl fashioned from this yarn might be a good in-betweeny until I can start another blanket (I know, I know…you can have too many blankets but I can’t help myself). I’ve made 4 so far and I think its going to be a big square. The yarn lends itself to drapiness and when washed, relaxes even more. Having said all that, I’ve not picked up a hook in a week. Sigh.


I’ve a little embroidery project on the go which is giving proving to be much more engaging: here’s a sneak preview…


….I don’t know how it will turn out  and I’ve had some issues with this sort of work in the past so don’t be at all surprised if you don’t see it again!

In exciting news, I will be a student again come September. I’ve been accepted by Huddersfield University to do a Masters Degree in Fashion Textile Practices. I’ll tell you more about that nearer enrolment but it’s an exciting opportunity to expand my craft.

Finished objects and works in progress..

Hello from Project Sitting-on-my-ass-and-trying-not-to-climb-the-walls..

It’s nearly the end of the um, 5th?, week and I am at that awkward stage where I’m not really broken anymore, but not quite fixed either. I have started hopping around without my crutch from time to time and on one occasion actually left it...somewhere and had to hunt for it.  But I am still not walking with that self-assured, unthinkingly fluid, casual elegance that other walkers throw in my face when I’m limping around the block. No, of course they don’t mean to do it…yes, I know I’m being paranoid, and yes, I will buck up.

Now I’m off the major pain-killers I’m actually able to finish stuff off: this Rainbow Relay scarf flew off the needles and was a joy to knit. The colours are lovely and the construction of the scarf is faintly addictive (classic ‘just one more row’ territory). I can’t block it right now(kneeling is not part of my skill set at the moment) but I know it’s going to be even better after a good wet-block. (The minis are from the Knitting Goddess but the grey yarn was band-less. I know it was a silk/wool mixture and probably bought in Portland Oregon. But the rest is a mystery. I’m sorry)

The UK is currently enjoying a hot summer (and our football team scored 6 goals in the World Cup…neither of these things make any sense) so scarfs and shawls are investments in the future at the moment,  as is my other finished project – the sanity blanket. This stash-busting, round-and-round crochet project kept me going pre- and post-op when I needed something soothing (pre…) and mindless (post). I think it has a touch of Mexicana about it which is currently all the rage, darlings. I tried to use up every scrap of yarn – hence the flowers – and the yarn in question was a ‘special’ DK that was never going to be used for a serious project.

Also completed: vanilla man socks in WYS Bullfinch – still my favourite colour combo in this range.

Ongoing: Cranberry Gose sweater – is stalled at the moment as woolly garments just seem so low priority, but I’m cranking out socks. These blue ones require a touch of neon, and this Regia darning and reinforcement thread has been in my stash for a while. I’m also playing around with some rather gorgeous Countess Ablaze yarn and some Kid Mohair I stashed from the shop… I don’t know where this is going yet…but I like it!




Hola peeps!

Back home and recuperating quickly after my op: the new knee is bedding in nicely (did you know that they try and send you home after a mere one night in hospital these days? Nope, me neither, and when it was suggested, I had a panic attack and practically begged to be able to stay in for one more night….).

I mentioned that I had a heap of projects all ready for the ‘sitting down’ epic? Well, I overlooked a couple of things 1. strong painkillers + brain power = concentration sucks 2. sitting + new knee = pain. So I am not making great progress through my ‘to do’ list. In fact I don’t have a single finished item to show for the last couple of weeks and very little knitting done in general. I have got an idiot proof crochet blanket (round and round and round – in variegated yarns) which is pretty much the only thing that’s getting done. This weird Franken-crochet is already destined for the inside of my car bless it. It’s moderately entertaining for my whacked-out brain – but it ain’t pretty.

I’m hoping that this upcoming third week post-op will see my mobility improve and the pain-relief fall back a bit. I’ve identified some sewing gaps that need filling. I had to purchase some t-shirts on line to go with the loose trousers I’m currently obliged to wear… my baggy top collection was not an attractive pairing with my baggy pant collection and through some further oversight, both largely consisted of contrasting shades of navy blue. Sigh. #nobuyzone is in tatters at this stage: I guess I should review it?

Anyhoo – normal service will be resumed at some point – I hope!



I haven’t had the op yet and I’ve not been away, and I’ve not given up blogging either but I have been a trifle distracted lately…. the op (total knee replacement on the 24th of this month) is playing on my mind rather and it’s been hard to concentrate on anything that isn’t related to it/involving it/tangentially something to do with it….for example

  • I have organised my post-op wardrobe – no skinny jeans for me for a while (if you’ve ever looked at my insta-feed – joatvillagewoolly – you’ll realise that I don’t really do outfits that don’t involve skinny jeans. This is a bit of a wrench. To put it mildly. But I have (wo)manned up and I now have a wardrobe full of clean clothes and an outfit to come home in…..
  • I am tidying cupboards – any cupboard. Just in case anyone who isn’t me has to go find something. Oh dear god – my house will be at the mercy of all these menfolk – help!
  • I am worrying…. a lot…. about how I will fill all those hours when I will be obliged to sit on my ass – with no access to my car, my sewing machine (foot pedals are going to be a no-no) or my desk…
  • ….and in consequence I have started organising a lot of knitting. I currently have around six projects bagged up (with patterns in cute bags) ready to go. There are 2 half socks, two shawls,  two sweaters and a blanket…ok, seven projects ready to go. Not to mention a kinda pattern that I’m  half working on (oh, eight projects) plus the unfinished/on a break bits and bobs that every knitter has (a Cline for example. And half a mitten set that stalled when Spring sprang). Which brings us up to a round dozen…. there’s an argument that by the time I finish this lot I won’t just be recovered, I will be nearly 70 years old.

Anyways – I most probably won’t be around so much for a while but naturally I will be knitting, and when I’m back at the computer I hope you’ll keep me company again.

Ta ta for now.

Here’s some pretty pictures from recent travels with Vanda and friends…

Spring flowers..
lovely tulips
…with Vanda to Anglesey in Wales
Vanda’s new awning
..sunspot blanket in situ

a date for my diary

So, darlings, I have a date for my op – the 24th of May – and I honestly couldn’t be less thrilled about it. Sure I know that the benefits will outweigh the short term consequences, and I’m grown up enough to be ‘down’ with that, but…..

Anyhoo – this isn’t a blog about me whinging about impending surgery (just think if I lived in the US I’d have to pay for it too…. and I’m lucky to be in a country that views the health of its citizens to be something that the country invests in blah blah blah…) so let’s get down to knitting and crochet….

First off – finished projects

The cowl is huge and squooshy and will be handy when Winter comes – the yarn, colour and stitch combo make it super-lovely and however you wrap it around yourself its cosy (I put in a single twist for fun)..

… the socks (destined to be gifted, are vanilla toe-up but the yarn (this one by Stylecraft) is lovely. But I think that the star of this FO show is the blanket. My Sunspots throw is on its way to Vanda but for now its decorating whatever I’m sitting on so I can stroke it and admire my handwork. It’s based on this pattern but I used three shades of wool DK instead (so 77 squares instead of 64) and edged it with bobbles instead of the band of front post treble crochet/treble crochet suggested. It’s a substantial blanket with the typical heft you expect of wool. And the colour is blissful – especially when Spring is this late arriving. It took about 3 years to make, off and on and finally getting it over the line is fabulous.

Which leaves a gap for another crochet work in progress doesn’t it? Contenders include another blanket made of squares or some sort of large ‘granny’ affair. Tbh I’m not loving the idea of making another lot of squares (all those ends, all that sewing) but the portability of something similar is appealing. I welcome suggestions. In the meanwhile to keep my hook busy I’m using some Rico Creative Melange in greyscale to make a wavy wrap. It’s pleasingly mindless.

On the knitting needles? This sweater (I know I was all about ‘small’ but..) Cranberry Gose is a lovely name and the pattern is definitely ‘me’. I started it with some stash yarn, gave up and bought something acrylic with wool which was ok (but my tension was way off so I undid it and the yarn is now available for crochet) and I’ve settled on using some pure Italian wool called Day that was £1.20 in my LYS and is very pleasing to knit with indeed. It’s a tweedy combination of black and brown with a soft and lofty feel to it. I’ve also finished one of my cashmere/wool socks (definitely won’t be given away). I have another couple of things on the ‘ancient and pending’ list but thats it for the ‘actives’ which is pretty minimal by my standards.

I have a few things to sew (I got some £5/metre Liberty lawn….delicious) but I’m trying to sew slow…so I’ve put away the overlocker and I’m working on a mash-up blouse/tunic with bracelet length sleeves that should be a winner for summer (should we ever have one) and sitting around recuperating. I could do with a really good pattern for pull on culottes/ wide leg trousers but I’m struggling. I know from experience that skinny jeans will not be wearable for some time post-op. Sob.

#nobuyzone has obviously be compromised by yarn purchases but I have still not bought clothes, bags or shoes (..other than an emergency coat) since November.

knit next

This time last weekend I had four layers of clothes on (and a scarf and 2 lots of gloves), today I sat out in a t-shirt and had a cup of tea in the sun: this is why British weather is always a conversation point. As mentioned in a previous post I’m done with large projects (I have the yarn and pattern for this lovely sweater tucked away for later in the year/when I’m laid up – whichever comes first) but I’m all about small right now. Irritatingly my right wrist thought that this would be the ideal time to make knitting socks a painful chore, so I’m having to put those aside for a moment (just as I managed to find the prettiest self-striping sock yarn in wool and cashmere too…).

Instead I’m crocheting – catching up on  an old blanket project and inventing a scarf/wrap/thing with the help of this crochet pattern from Purl Soho which will use up 3 random skeins of WYS aran yarn (this but in a variegated colour way) and a couple of rather lovely balls of yarn that I scored in Berwick on Tweed last weekend. I grant you that an aran wrap/scarf thing is not totally seasonally appropriate but …well, there you go.

To be honest I can’t really settle to anything much at the moment – the possible impending surgery (or it may be in several months…the jury appears to be out on this) has apparently befuddled me a bit. So instead of warbling away about random stuff I’ll give you some lovely seaview photos to enjoy!


all the things….

I am  step closer to getting my knee replaced: I’m now scheduled for my pre-op assessment in early April and that makes an end of April/beginning of May likely for the big chop. Huzzah!I think. I mean I’m looking forward to not having a knee that is disappointingly painful, but I am a bit worried about the op itself, which is a wee bit sore (she understated). Still, to have some fitness back and the chance to walk about like normal people is a good thing. I just wish I was somewhere a few weeks past it.

And I had plans: I was going to make some Ginger jeans, several Aida blouses (maybe the Arenite pants too…especially since pull-on, baggy trousers are a boon when you have a recently operated-on knee) and maybe even a jacket….And I was going to embroider some more stuff, and knit too, of course, maybe a striped black and white sweater, maybe a fair isle cardigan (with a steek? Who knows…), socks, and more shawls naturally….basically all the things..

But now instead of randomly hitting upon stuff in my workroom and jumping on the latest knit-train (yes, I’m looking at you Carbeth), I will have to plan, which is not really my strong suit. A decade ago when I had my first knee ‘transplant’ I made socks – a pair for all the family as a presents and I organised the other family Christmas presents on-line (it was a novelty then and quite exciting). I also watched a lot of Star Trek box sets (but that’s another story). Obviously I still knit socks but my enthusiasm for them has waned lately and I’m done with large projects (still looking at you Carbeth). I am open to reasonable suggestions.

My head wants to keep it simple – drug/pain addled minds don’t hold complicated lace patterns or colour-work too well – but my heart is saying ‘stuff that’ – so the next couple of weeks will be about getting my head and heart to talk sensibly to each other!